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Lisa Auanger was an accomplished woman who had many great achievements before her time at Kecoughtan High School. She graduated Salutatorian in 1983 from her high school class of over 700, only being half a point away from the Valedictorian. She received her Masters and Ph.D. in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Missouri and also worked as an editor for the Getty Institute in Los Angeles.

Dr. Auanger loved to be with her students in class. She was so passionate about Latin and always taught with a smile. Kind, compassionate, and intelligent are all words that describe her, however, words are not enough to show the impact Dr. Auanger has had on the lives of those around her. The Kecoughtan faculty and staff as well as the students, friends and family of Lisa Auanger will all remember her for the wonderful person she was and hold those memories dear.

Students in Dr. Auanger's  six 2015-2016 Latin classes have shared their meomories of Magistra.

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        I remember Dr. Auanger always had a smile on her face and always managed to make others smile no matter what was going on. She was a great listener and I know I could always count on her if I needed someone to talk to. For me when I first started going to school at Kecoughtan, I was a very shy student and I wouldn’t really talk to others, but Dr. Auanger kind of broke me out of that shell, and I am very grateful for that. She also made it her duty to see that all of her students were successful and happy. Even when she was sick, she still tried to come to school to see and help her students, especially for the latin convention. I’m really going to miss Dr.Auanger, she was one of my favorite teachers at Kecoughtan and was one of the only teachers I could really trust. My heart completely shattered when she passed, she was a very important person to me.    M.C.

     I remember Dr. A as a great teacher, and the lessons she taught us were fun and engaging.   J.M.

         Dr.Auanger was family to me, I have known her since I was about 6 or 7 because my sister took latin. I remember meeting her the first time and telling her I wanted to be a mechanic say gave me the odd little look and said “uhm yes ok” like she always said. I miss her so much , sitting in her room is never going to be the same. I would always come into class a little early just to have our little conversations in class about just life. She would always just laugh. She’d let me get away with a full on breakfast in class whether it be pizza or turkey bacon or anything I had the night before. Dr. Auanger was family in kecoughtan at home wherever she was I wish she was still here. Rest Easy Doc.  R.F.

       Every morning me and my friend would pass by her room and say “Salve Dr.A!” she would smile a lot and try to make the class easier. She was such a nice teacher.    M.R.

       I remember Dr. A as a kind spirit. She was nice to everyone and always had a smile on her face. She was hard-working and I never heard her complain or stay complacent in the situation she was in.  Dr. A kept an optimistic and loving spirit about her and never let her illness stop her good work.  N.A.

     Dr.A was an extraordinary teacher, she was also very quiet and kept to herself at all times. She never actually made it known that she had a voice and that she wanted to be known. We all miss her very deeply, and we are all very sad that she is gone. She is hopefully happy in a better place. You will always be thought of and missed.  A.C.

     I remember coming in school, in the morning and walking past her door and seeing her sitting at her desk and I would say “salve”. She would say it back and have a smile on her face <3  H.S.

       I remember Dr. A as a very happy person always excited to teach.  H. R.

      Dr. A was a very focused teacher, she had a passion for teaching even when she was sick. She came in day after day to teach Latin. Her passion was something that I have never seen before, she loved Latin like the school is to education.  J.S.

    Dr.A was a great teacher. She made learning latin easier to understand and learn. I wish she was still here to teach to today. R.I.P, Dr.A, You will be missed. R.P.

     I remember Dr.A as a nice lady and always kind. She always tried to be patient and understanding. She may have been forgetful but she was a good person and that is all that matters.I feel that everyone at KHS,  staff and tudents,  will never forget Dr. Lisa Auanger.   D. A.

     I remember how even when she felt sick or down sometimes she still came in to help us learn. Also, I remember how she loved owls and she always sung us happy birthday in Latin.  D. R.

     When Dr. A took a small group of her students to Latin convention last year I was in the group. It was so great to see her having so much fun there because she really loved Latin. I won two awards there and it made her so happy and I was always really happy that she was proud of me. She will forever be one of the most dedicated teachers I've ever had, and one of my favorites. W. O.

Vale,Dr. Auanger.Erimus desiderium.   C. H.
      Well,  she was a big help. What I  liked the most was in Leo Club.  She always liked helping people and she was helpful.  A. B.

     I remember when we read and talked about the gods, and I would always get these right because I aim to be an archaeologist. And Dr. A would just smile and say “ That’s a great job choice, there are many jobs out there similar to that.” And I replied. “A job is just something you need to do for money, but a career is something to do with a hobby. Being an archaeologist is my CAREER choice.” And you know what? Dr. A isn’t dead. She packed up, and moved to Heaven. And there, she has the BEST career ever.  S.D.

    Dr. A was an excellent teacher to me. She reminded me so much of my grandma, I think that’s why I enjoyed her so much. While I was in her class I learned that she enjoys owls, She loves teaching, and she loves her kids. When Dr. A passed it was a terrible situation for me to handle.

    Dr. Auanger loved to help people, it was evident when I first joined her in Leo Club at Shelton on the Bay. She also did bell ringing, and Easter egg hunts for the blind.   A. S.

      Dr. A was a wonderful women that always made the day great. My favorite activity was caroling and singing the Latin songs that she always gave to us.  J.C.

There are many great memories of her presence here at Kecoughtan High School. She often taught us that learning is all about not just hard work and dedication, but also to have a good time, and enjoy every last minute of your opportunity. She will be missed, and forever will be remembered. We all had a wonderful experience with Dr.Auanger.  A.B.

     What I remember about Dr. A is that she was a nice person. She would always help others and give them extra help if they needed it.   J.H.

   She was always willing to set her time to the side even through all of her complications to help the students with her class.  C.D.

Recordor Dr. Auanger et eius risu. Recordor bene tempus apud eius.  J.W.

     My favorite thing about Dr. Auanger was that she was so passionate about her teaching.  She loved every single one of her students and the subject she taught.  I loved that she was so dedicated to us.  T.S.

       I remember how happy she was when she would play Latin songs for us and give us the lyrics to sing along. I remember how happy it made her when we had Latin club parties.   L.S.

     I remember that Dr.A liked to play Latin songs, to help us remember things. My favorite one she played was “The Sum Song”.   E.B.

     I remember how much she cared about everyone. I remember how nice she was to everyone she met no matter how they treated her.   J.M.

     Dr. A was such a dedicated teacher and you could tell how much she loved to teach. She was strong and didn’t let anything get in her way. She taught in a fun with with the toga beats, crosswords, and the coloring.    M.R.

        She was a good teacher. And she was very happy when we sing the songs in Latin.  L.S.

      I remember how she alway sung the happy birthday song, in Latin, whenever it was somebody’s birthday.   K.W.

      Dr. A is remembered as one of the most selfless people at this school. Even at her toughest points of cancer she was still thinking of others. She worked hard and loved what she did and all her students.  H.U. 

      Dr. A was a great person. She was always laughing and smiling during class. I learned a lot from her. I remember coming into Latin not knowing anything . Without Dr. A’s patience and guidance I would have never made it to Latin 2.  M.M.

         Dr. A was a very nice teacher and i enjoyed her class very much. When in Leo club she always made sure we had fun at our meetings. T.F.

     Dr. A was one of my favorite teachers out of all of my teachers at Kecoughtan. She cared for alRl of her students and will be missed.  R.M.

        I remember when as a freshman Dr. A took us on a field trip to D.C. We went to colleges and visited different monuments and she taught us about the architecture.   C.H.

     I remember that she was very lively and enthusiastic about teaching us latin. She was very passionate and taught us many ways to remember important endings, forms, and words. C.N.

        I remember how generous Dr. Auanger was; she was a free-spirited woman who cared deeply for her students. She had such a strong passion for the Latin language and one could easily tell how much she enjoyed being able to share the information that she knows with the students. Dr. Auanger was a wonderful lady who helped me very much with my school and I could not be more appreciative of what she has done for me; she will be missed.   N.R.

           A memory I had of Dr. A was my freshman year when we went on a field trip to Monticello. At the time she was not sick yet and was full of energy and excitement. You could tell she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world and loved what she was doing as she explained how Jefferson was influenced by Roman Architecture in drawing out the plans for his home .  B. P.

        Dr. A loved to have fun teaching Latin, she would come up with creative ways to help us learn. She made learning Latin fun and exciting. Whenever we would take notes she would have catchy songs to go what we’re learning with. She had a very caring personality, she loved her students and loved teaching and it was her passion.   B.B.

    Dr. Auanger was a caring teacher, even though I didn’t talk to her much and only knew her for a couple of months it was still nice that she taught us as long as she could with her condition.    A.A.

        I remember that she always helped people and treated people with respect and she was nice and she was helpful with our work when we needed help.   S.S.

       I remember Dr, A by her funny personality. She would always make jokes that would just make what we are learning fun.    K.W.

        Dr. Auanger was one of the best teachers, if not the best teacher, I’ve ever come across. She really cared about her students, putting us first even when it was to her detriment. As a member of the Latin club, I know firsthand that she knew how to make Latin fun, even while we were still learning. I was ecstatic to be able to attend the Latin convention, placing in the “games” category. While I was happy that I did well, that wasn’t necessarily the reason why I was so excited; I was excited for Dr. Auanger. The memory of the smile she had on her face when she told me that I placed is still vivid in my mind. Her smile was probably the greatest thing about her; it was a slight, sly smile that even though it was never big, you could read that she had a great level of happiness she wanted to contain. I will always remember her for this.  C.B.

         I am sad to say that I was only able to know Dr. A for a mere 4 months. But during those few months she was able to show and share her amazing knowledge and character, all of which will last for eternity. She was incredibly caring, she was always fair with every student, and last but not least, and quite possibly one of my favorite qualities about her was that no matter how bad or sick she was feeling she was always giving her 100% effort to make sure that her students got the education we need.  Z.S.

      Dr. A was a great teacher and was so dedicated to learning. Every question I asked was answered with a direct answer. I wish I was able to go to Latin Convention this year since it ended up being her last one. She wanted me to go so badly. She was even willing to make payment adjustments for me, but sadly I already had made a prior commitment. Hopefully, next year I can go in her honor.   M. R.

         Dr. A was a strong believer in her students, and a very encouraging mentor. She never once showed any doubt in any of us, and lived to laugh with us everyday. Her students were her everything, and she will always be remembered as the woman who never gave up on anything or anyone.     M.S.

       I remember Dr.A’s sense of love for Latin and teaching it. She was a great teacher and I learned a lot about her. She was always helpful when I didn’t know something. I remember the field trips and the clubs she had and how fun they sounded. I always remember how she made learning fun with songs.   J.L.

      I remember how excited Dr. A was about teaching. Even if she was going through pain and feeling horrible she still wanted to teach. She was an incredibly independent woman.  Dr. Auanger was also such a polite woman. She was grateful for everything she had.  I once made her cookies and she was so happy. Dr. A was practically in love with her students. She was there for them when they needed her.  K.K.

     Dr.Auanger was one of the sweetest teachers that I have had.  I was one of the first people to get to her class when she would arrive and we would talk about lots of things.  She would talk about her dog when it lived with her last year and how much she loved it and the time that she took out of her day to go check up on it.   P.B.

     During Breast Cancer Awareness Day I knew I would have Dr.Auanger that day, so I dressed out as much as I could. I had a pink shirt with an owl on it. Also, I didn’t choose her class just because I need one. My sister had her and I remember seeing all the work she did, it may have been a-lot, but it looked worth it.   L.K.

      Active Inspire was Dr. A's favorite teaching tool. She loved to utilize the Promethian Board and make flip charts for notes, bell ringers, and a plethora of other activities. She was very creative with her lessons and had very interactive things to do every class.  Needless to say, the board and student pen would be used nearly every day. Some days we would highlight words in passages that go together, and sometimes we would practice writing out the meter with lines from Virgil. What ever the activity, Dr.A always found a way to make it interactive, to get us involved and interested.  She always got every person to participate in the class activities, and assignments became as fun as they were informative. 
   She read Latin with such expression and encouraged all of her students to not be fearful of making mistakes when speaking. She encouraged us to speak Latin with activities like reading from scripts or simply taking turns reading passages from sources like Virgil and she successfully delivered constructive criticism whilst being kind and supportive. 
       Dr.A loved to share with us the majesty that was ancient artifacts. From letters to coins to art, she showed us how everything and anything that was from the roman time could be used to develop an idea of the culture and life of those people. 
     The smallest things Dr.A would worry over. If someone put their head down or coughed, she would instantly ask them if they needed the nurse. She was so compassionate, and cared greatly for her students. 
    She would always ask us about our future plans, about college and our career paths, not because she was nosy, but because she wanted to see if there was anything at all that she could do to help us.
     Personally, I had expressed an interest in Japanese language to Dr. Auanger in passing once my sophomore year, and this caused her to suggest me as the school's candidate to apply for the Virginia Governor's Japanese Language academy, hosted at Randolph Macon. With the help of Dr. A, I was accepted into the program along with about twenty other students, and it was one of the best experiences of my life, something I will never forget. Dr. A did many things like this for me, and helped to cultivate my intense love for foreign language. She is now the driving force for my foreign language passion, and I plan to pursue a military air-force career in foreign language and diplomacy, much due to her influence. 
      I know she had influenced others just like she has influenced me. She released so many wonderful students throughout her years of teaching, all with tools to accomplish what they set out to do, thanks to her and her teaching.
    I fear that in my future, studying foreign language will bring me sadness at knowing that such a wonderful woman is gone, but another part of me is confident that she would not at all want me to feel this way. I know that Dr.A would be supportive of me in my career choice, and I know that she would want me to use the tools she has given me to achieve all I can. I'm sure at times I will be sad when I remember Dr.A, but I will try my hardest, for her, to remain happy with her memory, and knowing that I am part of her legacy.      P. W.

        Dr. A always had a great attitude about anything that was going on. She was an amazing person and she taught us in a way that everyone enjoyed. My favorite memory is when she would play Toga Beats for us in order for us to learn different tenses.   C.F.

     Dr. A always had a smile on her face. Even though life was so hard, she was still happy. I loved that about her, I love how much she thught me socially and didn’t even know it.   E.R.

      It was the end of the year latin party and doctor was weak over a joke that someone said. Then we sat there and just shared funny things. We ate pizza and had a very good time.    I.L.

Dr. A was a genuinely kind person.  D.C.

      Dr. A was a very dedicated teacher and she was teaching until her last days. She would do anything to help you anytime.  J.H.

         Dr. A was a very nice woman she always came into class positive.   D.A.

         I remember that Dr.A’s favorite animal is an owl.  S.E.

         I remember when we would sing songs to remember the endings of different tenses. I still remember some of them.   M.G.

        Something I remember about Dr. A is that she was always patient with us even when we were a little out of control, or when someone had a question. She always made sure that we were ready to move on before changing slides or even in a group activity. Lastly, she was extremely passionate about teaching us Latin and how it affects us today.   B.B.

I remember she said her favorite animal was owls and she decorated her classroom with them.  She was very passionate about Latin also, she started the Latin club.   C.L.

Dr. A was a very kind lady. She did everything her will to make sure we understood what to do and how to do it. She will be sadly missed even though I did not know her for long time.   D. B.

     I remember how she used to lead the class in a rendition of Happy Birthday whenever someone in the class had a birthday.  J.W.
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    I remember how Dr.A loved Latin. She motivated me to go to the Latin convention this year and I received first place for my painting.  K.W.

    I remember coming to class everyday and Dr.A always smiling at me. She was always so happy and caring for her students and everyone loved her so much. She would always joke around with me every class and she was such a sweet person. Dr.A always put her students before herself and I find that so amazing because of everything she was going through. She will be missed dearly by everyone she’s encountered.  K.C.

      I remember that she was very patient with her students. Going through what she was going through, she was still so kind to everyone. She was a true example of character, and it was a blessing to know her while I could.  N.R.

          I will never forget my experience with her during the Latin convention. She made it such a great experience for all of us and made memories I will never forget. We sang Christmas carols and class and I will never forget the joy on her face when we would sing them so loud and happy. She always put a smile on my face and was the best teacher. She loved teaching us so much and put our needs before her own. I remember one time we were planning to have a latin club meeting and we asked to do it on a Wednesday and she said she had chemo that day. She was going to reschedule her chemo just so we could have our Latin club that day. It showed just how much she truly cared about us. I loved Dr.A and miss her lots.   K.B.

          Dr.A was the type of person that would help you know matter what. She really touched all of our hearts with the things that she did for us. Even though she isn’t here with us she will always be in our hearts. Dr.A will never be forgotten.  M.R.

     I remember all the Latin club parties, we had with Dr. A and meetings. Always put other people before herself.  She was a really nice, down to earth teacher and she will be missed.     K. J.

        I remember Dr. A as being very kind, persistent, and determined. I was in Latin Club and I also went to Latin convention, which was a very fun experience. If Dr.A had not pushed me to go I would have never got that experience.   K.W.

       I remember how Dr. would always read papers really close up. It was funny but we all knew why she did. I also remember that she had a dog, I do not remember its name and I know she had a brother and had lost her father recently.   G.S.

      Dr. A was a very loving and caring. She would always go the extra mile to help out and made sure every student reached their highest potential. She loved Kecoughtan, her students, and Latin.  B. W.

     Dr. A was a really nice and kind person. She was also really great teacher.   K.F.

      I remember Dr. A was very nice and friendly. She always helped students and taught well.   R.A.
         I remember Dr. Auanger as a very sweet lady. She was my Leo Club sponsor and she was always there  to help and guide us with anything that might have been troubling our minds.

      Dr. Auanger, was an amazing teacher who incorporated latin into modern times in her own quirky ways, whether it was through songs or factual videos. She adored creative projects and very rarely gave us document-based, boring, projects or work.  P.G.

     Dr. Auanger was one of the most invested and caring teachers you will ever meet. She truly wanted all of her students to succeed and accomplish any goal they set.  J. M.
      I remember Dr. Auanger being a nice, and sweet teacher. She always helped everyone out when they needed it. She made sure everyone was taken care of and knew how to do their work. Dr. A loved her job, she was basically dedicated to what she did. She will be truly missed at Kecoughtan.  K. D.

           Dr. A was a very funny and kind person. She would always joke around with us and be passive aggressive to people who were being rude or disrespectful. She was very involved with Latin Club, which I would have loved to join but I started Latin late. Dr. A always talked about her weiner dog too.   lol.  L.S.S

      Dr . A was a wonderful teacher who truly had a love for her job. Dr. A taught us with seemingly limitless fever, and I can speak with certainty that she had a place in all our hearts.

        I remember her always being kind and loving each and every one of us. She would always help us with anything we needed. I really appreciated everything she did for us

      I remember how everyone would talk while she was trying to teach. And I remember her soft voice.   S.S.L.

       I remember how caring Dr. A was to all of her students. She put in so much effort to make sure that no student was left behind academically.   E.M.

       I remember how caring and happy Dr.A was. She was always so positive and always had a smile on her face.  C.P.

     Dr. Auanger was a wonderful teacher. She was very kind and very involved with her clubs. She really loved teaching Latin to her students. I’m glad to have had her as teacher.

       Dr. Auanger was a good teacher. She made Latin fun and enjoyable, while making the class challenging.  A.M.

       I remember talking to Dr. Auanger about my day. She always would ask me about my day and I would ask her about her day. Dr. Auanger had a great personality. She would laugh about anything. She was one of my favorite teachers.   K.W.

     I remember when Dr. A would read a paper she would hold it all up in her face. The first time I meet her she sat me in the back of the class. I remember that first day we were working on derivatives. Then a few weeks later we were working on Christmas carols in Latin.   Z.S.

        I remember how much Dr. A loved Latin. I remember the fun projects we did and the classwork activities like carolling in Latin and making a children's book about the Latin numbers and colors.     M. A. 

   One of the great memories of Dr.A is when she was really impressed with my toga from Latin Convention 2015. Going to Latin Convention with Dr.A was a great memory I will always share with Dr. A.   P.S.  I have a picture of Dr. A and me at the convention at the Toga Party. I’m going to try to email it to you sooner or later.   J.J.

      She was very nice and always helped the students when they needed it and knew how to teach in a way that a student could understand it.   Q.M.

          If there is one thing I remember about Dr. Auanger, it was that she deserved better. She had patience for everyone, she cared for her students. She should have been teaching college students, but she stayed here and brought herself to work every day that she could. She was dedicated to her job here. I will sorely miss her.  J.M.

        One of the reasons I took her class was because my older cousin had her when she was in high school and she said Dr. A was the most amazing and compassionate teacher she had ever had. When I walked into the class it was so welcoming. She had the biggest smile on her face and I was so excited. She was always ready to teach us and she always had our best interests in mind. The last day I saw Dr.A was the last day she came into school and I am so happy that the last thing I said was thank you and smiled, because I couldn’t have felt as I do today if I hadn’t. I will always remember Dr.A and she will always influence me even though she is not here.  M.C.

        Dr. A loved her job, she always encouraged us to do more. Even though she was struggling with her breast cancer, she was always determined to still come to school and teach us. Latin was her job and she gave it a 100% effort even when it wasn’t her best day cause she started feeling weak :(     L.M.

       I remember the times we would do little projects and make Latin phones in Latin 1 and we all pretend to call her and she would only answer if we were able to talk in Latin.   L.S.

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