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Is it possible to buy a wife online in Latin America?

Some say you can buy a wife in Latin America. Is it really possible here? To answer that question, we need to clarify the term.

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Nobody can buy brides from any country. Such activities are illegal. Nevertheless, many websites offer customers to “buy” a mail order bride. However, it’s just a generalized word for describing paid services provided by dating sites. Further, you’ll see the truth behind this complicated term.

The history of bride-buying

As gender imbalance and the establishment of new colonies were the primary phenomenons in the 1600s, the first mail-order brides started to appear back then. Virginia Company was the predecessor of modern dating agencies and websites. In Jamestown in 1607, it was where marital immigration began.


Many more men than women lived in the settlement, so there was a need to save the colony by attracting females. The reason why ladies agreed to move to another country and marry unfamiliar men is that back at home, they lived in much worse conditions than marital migration offered. Women could pick the most suitable partners for them, and then guys repaid the company for travel expenses, furnishings, and land with 330 pounds of good tobacco.

A lot of people considered such activities as bride buying and selling women, mentioning that females made wrong choices. However, ladies were fully aware of what to expect. In the settlement, women obtained the rights, which they didn’t have in England.

Although such a kind of relationship has changed a lot over time, this process's main thrust is still present. For example, one of the most common forms of bride buying is mail order brides. There are different agencies and websites that offer professional services for certain payments. Men and women are provided with pictures, emails, and background details of their potential partners. In their communication process, a gentleman might understand that his interlocutor is the love of his life. After that, he will need to pay for specific activities on the website and services that will help him bring his bride to the US.

The history of mail order brides

The modern mail order bride industry has its roots back to the 1800s. In the frontier regions, there were many single male workers from Asian countries and America. Also, numerous gentlemen from Europe found migration to the West the chance to improve their financial statuses. However, they still needed women to settle down and build families.

The history of mail order brides includes the episodes when these single men wrote letters to women in exchange for their photos. They communicated for a while until ladies were eager to marry their respondents. The fact that females agreed to marry guys they have never met wasn't much of a problem. Ladies believed that life on the frontier would be much better than their present way of living.

There was a demand for immigrant women because of gender imbalance, demography, and legal policies. Asian men also used mail order agencies' services, and changes in the legislation. Namely, the Japanese American Passport Agreement of 1907 helped Japanese workers marry women from their country. Also, it allowed granting passports to the wives of immigrants, making it possible for foreign ladies to move to the US. In general, a bridal business relies on economic disparities between countries.

In 1974, entrepreneurs decided to market foreign women, initiating mail-order brides business. When marrying American males, women could have qualified for permanent resident status. However, in 1986, Congress enacted the IMFA, complicating the process of obtaining citizenship. Despite this, by 1992, 200 agencies operated in the US, and in 1995 this number increased up to 500 businesses. Operation Match was the first computer dating site, launched in 1965. Nowadays, there are many rules that regulate K nonimmigrant visa application processes. It has many obligations and warnings and also includes regulations regarding the activity of matchmaking agencies.

The modern mail order brides industry

The dating services market in the US is extremely developed and popular. According to IBISWorld's research, the amount of this market makes up $4 bln per year. In total, there are 2430 businesses in this sphere registered in the US. Actually, 30% of American adults say that they have profiles on dating apps or sites.

There are many stereotypes regarding mail order brides because many people are convinced that it means truly buying a wife online. However, it's just a term used to describe the purchase of the opportunity to communicate with a potential bride, but not to buy her as a person. Men have to pay to use dating websites to their fullest because most of the activities aren't free. An average American spends $243 per year on online dating. There are various monetization models implemented by different dating websites:

  • membership subscription – customers pay from $9.99 per month for using broader communication opportunities and high-quality matchmaking tools;
  • freemium – users can sign up for free and use the app or website's basic features. Revenue comes from ads or unlocking paid features for fees;
  • in-app purchases – provide users who want to buy a wife online with the opportunity to use enhanced features and develop their communication with brides more effectively. On average, prices for credit packs start from $19.99.
  • advertising – brings money to the website when users click on the links, view videos, and make transactions. Companies buy space for ads, paying up to $500;


Therefore, despite historical preconditions and economic situations in certain Latin American countries, no one can buy or mail order brides on the Internet. However, gentlemen can still pick brides and communicate with them online, with the help of specialized websites. Thus, has made a compilation of the best dating sites where men can find Latin brides.

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