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Top 8 Hot Brazilian Women To Follow On Instagram

If you love hot Brazilian girls with gorgeous curvy bodies, enjoy!


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Gisele Bundchen is from Brazil, so should we say anything else about the beauty of Brazilian women? Of course, we should, for example, because Gisele is not the only gorgeous celebrity from this amazing country. What about Camila Mendes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Morena Baccarin, and many, many others – they are sexy Brazil girls, too. Please note that we were talking only about celebrities and said nothing about bloggers, vloggers, simply put, influencers.

So, Brazilian girls and Instagram, they are kind of interconnected. Maybe, this can be explained by the fact that Instagram was created as a platform for beautiful visual content. And as we found out, there was anything more beautiful than ladies living in this country. Frankly, it was not easy to choose the hottest from the hottest Brazilian Instagram models. But we did our best and found nine fascinating ladies that can make anyone fall for them immediately. We looked through thousands of pages, tens of thousands of photos, stories, saw a lot of beautiful bodies, and even more beautiful faces. And we managed to choose the most gorgeous influencers in Brazil to inspire you to date a Brazilian bride!

Izabel Goulart

  • Instagram: @izabelgoulart
  • Followers: 4.7 million
  • Occupation: model, influencer

This lady is a supermodel. Should we add anything else? Let us talk about her origin. Izabel Goulart was born in 1984, in São Paulo, and this beauty is one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels, too. In fact, you can understand it immediately, without even browsing the wiki page. Just take a glance at her on Instagram and find out why she is considered one of the sexiest Brazilian women.

On Izabel Goulart's Instagram, you will see tons of pictures – 4.7 million followers need content! The good news is it is pretty diverse. We highly recommend you take a look at this account to see a beautiful woman, her interesting life, and yes, fantastic lingerie on an even more fantastic body. Who knows, maybe this is an old habit, but there are a lot of things to check out on Izabel's page.

hot brazilian girl Izabel Goulart
hot brazilian woman Izabel Goulart
sexy brazilian girl Izabel Goulart
sexy brazilian woman Izabel Goulart

Bruna Lima

  • Instagram: @xoobruna
  • Followers: 4.1 million
  • Occupation: fitness guru, Instagram model, owner of the “Brukini” brand

Looking for sexy Brazilian women? Check out Bruna Lima’s Instagram account! This is the first blonde girl in our ranking. And yes, she proves that Latinas with fair hair also look gorgeous. Especially if they made fitness their profession, hobby, and the main passion. Bruna Lima was born in 1996 in Espirito Santo, Brazil. But she grew up in South Florida. This woman is not only Brazilian but also Italian, and that is a perfect combination for her 4 million subscribers. By the way, Bruna is both a hot Brazilian girl and a successful businesswoman. Her “brukinis” (a combination of the name “Bruna” and the word “bikini”) sold all over the world, and her workouts are incredibly popular, too. So she can be considered as one of the most successful and famous Brazilian influencers.

hot brazilian girl Bruna Lima
hot brazilian woman Bruna Lima
sexy brazilian girl Bruna Lima
sexy brazilian woman Bruna Lima

Teddy Moutinho

  • Instagram: @teddybearosito
  • Followers: 3.4 million
  • Occupation: Instagram model, YouTuber, vlogger, influencer

Teddy Moutinho, also known as Teddy B, definitely deserves to be called one of the hottest Brazilian girls. She was born in 1999, São Paulo, but her family left Brazil when she was four years old. Teddy traveled a lot and lived in New York, Mexico, and Africa. Currently, she is a student at the University of Tampa in Florida. This sexy Brazilian girl loves horror movies, drag queen culture, and selfies.

Generally speaking, Teddy B is an interesting personality. But frankly, this is not the first thing you think about her when seeing her Instagram pics. The thing is though she left Brazil many years ago, she looks like a typical hot Brazilian girl. Teddy Moutinho has a beautiful face and a gorgeous curvy body. She doesn't like to wear sweaters. It seems that this girl has at least a hundred bikinis, so you will hardly get bored when looking through her Instagram.

hot brazilian girl Teddy Moutinho
hot brazilian woman Teddy Moutinho
sexy brazilian girl Teddy Moutinho
sexy brazilian woman Teddy Moutinho

Lais Ribeiro

  • Instagram: @laisribeiro
  • Followers: 2.2 million
  • Occupation: model, influencer

Here we have another angel who walks down Victoria’s Secret runway. One of the hottest Brazilian girls – Lais Ribeiro. She was born in Teresina, Brazil, in 1990, and in 19 years, she moved to New York to become a model. This lady walked for Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Vera Wang, Versace, and other most famous brands.

Though Lais Ribeiro does not post herself in lingerie as often as most of the girls we listed above, you will hardly forget one of those rare pics. This angel definitely deserves your attention. Especially if you value not only hot Brazilian girls’ bodies but also fashion and a good taste.

hot brazilian girl Lais Ribeiro
hot brazilian woman Lais Ribeiro

Cindy Mello

  • Instagram: @cindymello
  • Followers: 1 million
  • Occupation: model, Instagram star

We could talk about Cindy Mello for hours, but one phrase is enough to explain why a million people follow this sexy Brazilian girl. She is a model – and even Victoria Secret could not resist her charm. Cindy was born in 1995, in Brazil, and now she lives in the US like hundreds of other successful models. Where could you see her except for Victoria Secrets’ catalogs? What about Maxim’s cover?

Maybe this hottie is not a “classic” Latina with amazing curves. But her body is still mind-blowing, in a bit different way, though. Cindy Mello is tall, fit, and incredibly feminine. And yes, she posts beautiful landscapes and still life, as well as pics of her in lingerie. So if you do not mind seeing a really hot Brazilian girl from time to time on your Instagram feed, why not follow this hottie?

hot brazilian girl Cindy Mello
hot brazilian woman Cindy Mello
sexy brazilian girl Cindy Mello
sexy brazilian woman Cindy Mello

Gabriella Farias

  • Instagram: @gabbifariasx 
  • Followers: 408 thousand
  • Occupation: model, owner of a minimalist swimwear brand, influencer

Meet one of the sexiest Brazilian babes – Gabriella Farias! She was born in 1992 in Caracas, Venezuela, and that means that she is 27 years old. Despite the fact that she is young, she can already be called one of the most successful and popular Latina women. Like many other hot Brazilian girls from our list, Gabriella has a sexy body. Maybe this inspired her to create her own brand of minimalist swimwear.

Currently, this gorgeous blonde has more than 400k followers on Instagram and seems to become even more known in Brazil and the western world soon. After all, such natural beauty and gorgeous curves make men go crazy. And Gabriella Farias definitely knows how to use this power.

hot brazilian girl Gabriella Farias
hot brazilian woman Gabriella Farias
sexy brazilian girl Gabriella Farias
sexy brazilian woman Gabriella Farias

Luana Andrade

  • Instagram: @ahluana
  • Followers: 395 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model, influencer

Ms. Luana Andrade is one of the classic Brazilian girls. No one can resist her charm and natural beauty. She looks pretty much like westerners expect a Brazilian hottie to look. Luana has long dark hair, full lips, big brown eyes, beautiful features, and, of course, curves. No wonder señorita Andrade has almost 400k followers – one look at her in a pink bikini is enough to become her fan.

Frankly, you will hardly find anything but selfies and pictures of her standing in a beautiful place on her account. That is the bad news for anyone who is looking for something more educational, diverse content. But it is just perfect for those who want to see a beautiful Brazilian girl from time to time.

hot brazilian girl Luana Andrade
hot brazilian woman Luana Andrade

Nadia Khar

  • Instagram: @nadiaskhar
  • Followers: 269 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model, fitness enthusiast, influencer

What can be better than a sexy Brazilian Instagram model who does not forget to post hot photos of her wearing really tiny bikinis every day? Only a girl who is also a big fan of beautiful cars! We guess that is the secret of Nadia Khar's success. She has everything to be popular on Instagram: a beautiful body, a pretty face, makeup skills, tons of provocative clothes, charisma, and a Hyundai Genesis. For us, this is a kind of perfect mix.

If you love passionate Brazilian girls with gorgeous curvy bodies, if you like it when they choose short shorts and tops instead of boyfriend jeans, and if you like cars, you will hardly find a more interesting account than Nadia Khar’s page on Instagram.

hot brazilian girl Nadia Khar
hot brazilian woman Nadia Khar
sexy brazilian girl Nadia Khar
sexy brazilian woman Nadia Khar
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