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Mail order bride costs and prices
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What Is The Mail Order Bride Cost In Latin America?

Getting a mail order bride is not free, and you know it, but is it possible to count the sum you will have to spend on your foreign lady? This guide will tell you how much does a mail order bride cost.

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What do most people think when they hear “mail order brides?” Usually, the main idea is that they can be chosen from the list, bought, and delivered to any spot in this world. But can you actually buy a mail order bride in the modern world? Again negative. However, will you need to spend some money when looking for a Latin woman to marry? Indeed, there are some expenses related to searching for the desired woman, meeting her, organizing the marriage, and getting a visa afterward. And if you choose a Latin America, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sum your soulmate will cost you. On average, marrying a Latin bride will cost you no less than $5900, but finding her is priceless.

Latin mail order brides pricing: How much for finding one?

The notion of “international dating” is broad and includes different services like dating agencies or matchmaking services and online dating websites.

Matchmaking system is among popular, yet pricey options for looking for your love. Normally, top-notch agencies charge starting from $20 000 up to $150 000 per year. If your budget is modest, it’s possible to find services for $5 000-20 000 per year. However, paying more means getting more high-quality matches, a bigger scoop of the search areas, and other perks like personal consultations and date coaching. It’s also important to keep in mind that looking for an international match will be half more expensive than a local one. In addition, not all matches work. Statistics prove that an average man goes on eight dates before actually finding “the one,” which influences pretty much the course of events and chances to find your significant other.

Online dating is another modern solution that quickly develops in our digitalized society. While average American men spend $168/month on traditional dating, an online one will cost you on average $243 per year and offer you more compatible women. Latin American online dating services themselves provide its customers with three main systems of payment:

  • Monthly membership. With such a plan, you pay once per month and access certain functions on the platform. Average premium membership on local Latin American websites costs from $14 to $35 per month. Sometimes, you can come across platinum and gold types of memberships with prices $15-30 and $20-35 accordingly. The difference lies in the bigger number of features provided for Platinum members (like translation or only search possibilities, for example).
  • Payments by credits. If you sign on the website with a credit system, you pay separately for each function you want to use. In such a case, expect to pay about $50 for eight credits, $96 for 16 credits, and $299 for 60 credits.
  • Free access with a number of paid features. In such a case, you get free access to some functions with the possibility of using advanced ones after paying. Usually, advanced features include different communication, travel, searching functions.

For example, here is the average rate for the most popular features on Latin dating sites:

  • Gift to your woman - 200-400 credits
  • First letter - 10 credits
  • Video chat - 0,6 credits per 1 minute
  • Simple chat - 0,5 credits per 5 minutes
  • Video show - 25 credits
  • Request details of a lady - free of charge but only available for members who spent a certain amount of credits on the site.
  • Translation - for free if it’s the automatic machine service
  • Romance Tour to visit your lady - 625 credits (includes the organization of the meeting and 2 first hours of translation during the date for free

Summing it up, it becomes obvious that online dating offers the best features for its price, a great selection of women and services, and can be affordable no matter what is your revenue and savings.

Meeting your mail order bride: how much will you need to pay?

So now you have met a Latina lady who seems to be the one, and the time of the first meeting is coming. Here, we are going to analyze what expenses you should add to your list when you plan a Romance trip. Here are five most common Latin dating destinations and average 2-week budgets for each of them. All the expense are calculated based on current updates on such services as and

  • Airfare. Latin America is one of the most accessible places for an American person. Overall, round-trip tickets within an average airline will cost you from $550 to Brazil, $500 to Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, $400 to Haiti and $300 to Colombia. If you prefer a business class or high-end airlines, the price will double.
  • Accommodation. The price of accommodation in Latin America varies within the country. For example, in the Dominican Republic, a nice 4-star hotel for two weeks will cost you about $900. In Mexico, expect to pay about $800 while Haiti will be around $600, Brazil and Colombia will cost $450 and $350 correspondingly.
  • Food and restaurants. Enjoying a variety of traditional dishes is definitely a must-do in Latin America. In the Dominican Republic you will pay $420 per 2 weeks for food; in Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, and Colombia — $150.
  • Transport and taxi. When it comes to transport, you will be surprised how cheap it is in Latin American. The average 2-week transportation will cost you about $98 in Mexico, $84 in Brazil, $70 — in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and $56 — in Colombia.
  • Entertainment for two. As for entertainment, if you choose to see some new places, museums, sightseeing, cinema every day, it will cost $322 in Dominican Republic, $196 in Mexico, $182 in Haiti, $140 in Colombia and $84 in Brazil.

Overall, the most expensive country in Latin America is the Dominican Republic, which will cost you $2 200 for a 2-week trip. The least pricey is Colombia. Expect to pay $1 100 for the same period there. As for the other countries, Mexico will cost you $1 750, Haiti — $1 400, and Brazil — $1 300.Of course, keep in mind that it’s possible to spend much more depending on your possibilities and desires.

Marrying a Latin mail order bride: expensive or not?

The next logical step in your relationships is a marriage and relocation of your woman to the USA. Here you have two options. First, you can marry in her country and get a marriage visa. Second, you can apply for a K-1 visa and organize a marriage in the USA. Which one to choose? Let’s find out.

  • Marriage in Latin America. You are definitely curious how much the ceremony and the celebration will cost you. For example, In Mexico, you will probably spend $8 600 on the happiest day of your life. If your bride is from Brazil, be ready to pay $6 600 for 160 invited. In Colombia, the marriage cost can go up to $3 300. Afterward, if your spouse wants to move to the USA, your American marriage-based visa (I-130) will cost you $1 200 within 10-13 months of the estimated time.
  • Marriage in the USA. Wedding costs in the US reach $29 200, nearly quadrupling the average price cost in most Latin countries. The biggest part of the expenses is the venue, with rings, photographers, and decorations. As for the legalization of your relationship, to bring your lady to the USA, you will need to apply for a fiancé visa (K-1).

The whole cost for such a kind of visa will be about $2 025. It includes:

  • $535 filing fee for an I-129F — petition for a K-1 Visa
  • $265 visa fee
  • Adjustment of Status — $1 140 filing fee
  • $85 biometrics fee for fingerprinting.

What kind of marriages to choose is only up to you. However, given all requirements, fees, and steps, it’s easier and cheaper to get married outside of the USA and then bring your wife based on the marriage-based visa. It will economize not only your money but also precious time.

Marriage with a Latin mail-order bride: steps afterwards

After your marriage, when your wife has already gotten her visa, you will also need to apply for several documents.

  • The employment authorization document (EAD, I-765), which is optional and will allow her to work in the USA —$380
  • The Adjustment of Status — included in the marriage visa expenses
  • A Social Security Card — free
  • Removing conditions on residence — $595

Finally, the last step is applying for citizenship (however, this application is a long way away).

Why do you need to pay to find a Latin bride?

Finding a date or a bride online is a simple process for you, but it involves dozens of people who are trying to offer you the best online dating experience. So, it is rather reasonable to charge you for online communication. Fortunately, the cost of mail order bride is not that high — you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on online communication. The average cost of mail order brides from Latin countries when you wish to have a real-life date is higher and is around $6,000.

Cost of dating and marrying with a Latin mail-order bride: final thoughts

So, to sum it up, the cost of your Latin bride may hugely vary depending on the kind of services you use to look for your love, the origin of your soulmate, the place of the marriage, and the choice of the visa. Based on calculations, the cheapest option will cost you about $5 900. In such a case, it’s cheaper to use online dating websites instead of matchmaking agencies. If you choose to get help from the agencies, your expense may grow up to $35 000 and more ($20 000 minimum of which you will have to pay to the agency). Also, if you want to find an unexpensive country to date, here is our overall pricing rating list of 5 most popular Latin countries:

  • Colombia — from $2270 (minimum price) to $5530 (average price) and more
  • Brazil — from $2470 (minimum price) to $7930 (average price) and more
  • Haiti —$2570 (minimum price) to $8030 (average price) and more
  • Mexico — $2920 (minimum price) to $10520 (average price) and more
  • Dominican Republic — $3340 (minimum price) to $11340 (average price) and more

Don’t forget about online dating charges. Although it is not as near as spending on matchmaking agencies, you can spend a few hundred dollars per month on decent dating websites. Mail order bride price depends on the platform that you choose, so it is impossible to predict how much money you could spend. But we can assure you that it won’t be a lot. So, how much are mail order wives — it depends. But no matter how much you spend, finding a soulmate is priceless!

To ensure that you will have the most enjoyable dating experience with a happy outcome, the team of has selected the most reliable websites with top-notch results, hundreds of successful love stories, and impeccable reputation. So, don’t hesitate to give it a shot and find your significant other.

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