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Top 9 Sexy Cuban Girls To Follow On Instagram

Check out hot Cuban girls and their Instagram accounts!  


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Did you know that Rosario Dawson, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, Odette Annable, and many other celebrities are Cubans? Some may say that it is not really important, but we think that it just shows how gorgeous and different sexy Cuban women can be. Whatever they say, Cuba has a huge impact on the cultures of other countries, in particular, on the culture of the US. People are the biggest treasure of Cuba, and we decided to find the most beautiful women you can see every single day on Instagram.

That was no easy. There are tens of thousands of Cubans on this platform, and it is incredibly difficult to choose the hottest of them. We’d like to think that we succeed, but still, it is subjective. Check out these incredibly sexy Cuban girls and their Instagram accounts and maybe you will decide to date a Cuban bride!

Yaslen Clemente

  • Instagram: @yaslenxoxo
  • Followers: 1.9 million
  • Occupation: fitness model, influencer

This 23-year old Latina is a big fitness enthusiast, and you can understand it right after you take a look at any of her pics. Her body looks just gorgeous! Yaslen Clemente grew up in the United States but was raised in a Cuban family. She does not forget about her Latin origin. Moreover, Yaslen is proud of it! Currently, she has almost 2 million followers. And that is easy to understand, especially considering that she is a fitness, bikini, and lingerie model.

Yaslen Clemente cooperates with various brands, including sportswear ones. She shows that a Cuban-American girl has everything to win the hearts of millions if she wants to and, of course, if she is ready to work hard to achieve her goal.

hot cuban woman Yaslen Clemente
hot cuban girl Yaslen Clemente
sexy cuban girl Yaslen Clemente
hot cuban woman Yaslen Clemente

Rosana Hernandez

  • Instagram: @rosanahernandez
  • Followers: 344 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer, fitness model, fashion model

She calls herself a “BS in Exercise Science,” and we could not find a better phrase to describe her. Rosana Hernandez is a Cuban fitness model and enthusiast. She is also a fashion model who worked for such famous brands as H&M and Hollister. Surprisingly, Rosana is a biologist (she studied at Rutgers University), and, of course, an Instagram influencer with more than 344 thousand followers from different countries in the world. This lady was born in Cuba. But her family moved to the US when she was a child, so she can be considered a Cuban-American model.

As you can see, Rosana Hernandez has everything to become even more popular. Her fans and followers can see almost everything that happens in her life. And of course, they can see a sexy Cuban wearing a cute bikini on their feed really often. In our opinion, that is a good reason to follow Ms. Hernandez!

hot cuban girl Rosana Hernandez
hot cuban woman Rosana Hernandez
sexy cuban girl Rosana Hernandez
sexy cuban woman Rosana Hernandez

Vivian Bordabechere

  • Instagram: @bordabechere
  • Followers: 128 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model, businesswoman

Why do we follow someone's Instagram? It is all about the content we get. Someone is looking for a gorgeous woman, someone for an influencer who can share some interesting thoughts and information on something. And some are looking for people with certain attitudes. On Vivian Bordabechere’s account, you can find all of these things.

This is the sexy Cuban girl who takes selfies, wears bikinis, shares information, talks about her life, and certain social and political events. Vivian Bordabechere is an interesting personality, and in our opinion, this matters most. If you are looking for aesthetics only, following her still makes sense. But her beauty is not the only thing that attracted over 128 thousand followers – her lifestyle is also about dedication and self-development.

hot cuban girl Vivian Bordabechere
hot cuban woman Vivian Bordabechere
sexy cuban girl Vivian Bordabechere
sexy cuban woman Vivian Bordabechere

Jenny Kbrera

  • Instagram: @kbrerajenny
  • Followers: 126 thousand
  • Occupation: fitness model, influencer

What is special about Jenny Kbrera? She says that being a woman is her superpower, and we respect this. But we have a few things to add. First of all, she is one of the sexiest Cuban women. Secondly, Jenny is really creative when it comes to her Instagram. Thirdly, she does not hesitate to share her lifestyle pictures. You can know almost everything about this hottie just by taking a look at her Instagram. Ms. Kbrera is also a businesswoman who works from home, and we believe it is worth appreciation! Finally, she is one of the hottest Cuban women you should follow on Instagram!

hot cuban girl Jenny Kbrera
hot cuban woman Jenny Kbrera
sexy cuban girl Jenny Kbrera
sexy cuban woman Jenny Kbrera

Patty Alvarez

  • Instagram: @_ptrisha
  • Followers: 106 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer, Instagram model, brand ambassador 

Who do you imagine when hearing “a sexy Cuban girl?” Most people think about a curvy young lady with dark hair, dark eyes, full lips, and that unexplainable Latina charisma. Patty Alvarez, also known as @_ptrisha, meets all the expectations! This young and passionate Cuban loves taking photos and selfies. And more importantly, she does not hesitate to be really creative when developing ideas about the content she posts.

You will see Patty Alvarez wearing a white bikini and smoking a cigar like a “regular Cuban girl” (in the opinion of most foreigners, of course), in shorts, sportswear, and beautiful dresses. You will hardly find the landscapes or food on her page. But you don't really need such kind of content when you see such a hot body!

hot cuban girl Patty Alvarez
hot cuban woman Patty Alvarez
sexy cuban girl Patty Alvarez
sexy cuban woman Patty Alvarez

Jennifer Hurtado

  • Instagram: @jennyhurtado_
  • Followers: 96 thousand
  • Occupation: influencer, Instagram model

Meet another hot Cuban girl, Jennifer Hurtado! As she notes, you should be your own muse, but she is an inspiration for a lot of people in Mexico and other countries. 96 thousand Instagram users follow her, to be exact. What is so special about her? And what is special about every beautiful girl you meet and cannot forget? This can hardly be put into words, but still. This is a kind of mix of beautiful features, gorgeous body, voice, style, and that femininity you see in everything she does.

That is exactly about Jennifer Hurtado. It may seem that she is just another hot Cuban chick, but something makes you become her follower and stay. We cannot explain the reasons, but we definitely recommend you check out her Instagram. Maybe Jennifer will be the one who inspires you!

hot cuban girl Jennifer Hurtado
hot cuban woman Jennifer Hurtado
sexy cuban girl Jennifer Hurtado
sexy cuban woman Jennifer Hurtado

Rossana Lemus Ramos️

  • Instagram: @rossy_gucci
  • Followers: 42.8 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model, TikToker

Who is Rossana Lemus Ramos? She is an influencer, a hot Cuban girl, a traveler, an animal lover. Rossana is a sexy brunette, but she can also be a gorgeous blonde. Currently, this sexy lady has more than 42 thousand followers, and we think this number will grow.

The thing is Rossana Lemus Ramos does not pretend to be anyone else. She just does everything that someone popular on Insta is supposed to do: shares her thoughts, emotions, impressions, pictures of her wearing fashionable clothes, details about her life, etc. On this account, we can see a person who has her own dreams, intentions, and goals, and the fact that she is one of the sexiest Cuban Instagram models to follow.

hot cuban girl Rossana Lemus Ramos️
hot cuban woman Rossana Lemus Ramos️
sexy cuban girl Rossana Lemus Ramos️
sexy cuban woman Rossana Lemus Ramos️

Yakelin Perez

  • Instagram: @yakelin_perez10
  • Followers: 38.5 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model

Let us take a look at another hot Cuban girl living in the US. Her name is Yakelin Perez. She is young, beautiful, and she is becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Yakelin is a beginner, especially if we compare her to famous worldwide influencers. But it seems that she will become one of the biggest bloggers in the near future. Why? Everything is simple – she is a beautiful Cuban-American!

Some may say that this is just a stereotype. But the research we made on Instagram proves that most Latinas, especially sexy Cuban women, have gorgeous curvy bodies and beautiful features. Yakelin Perez is not an exception to this rule. If you are looking for a sexy Cuban, take a glance at her Instagram page!

hot cuban girl Yakelin Perez
hot cuban woman Yakelin Perez
sexy cuban woman Yakelin Perez
sexy cuban girl Yakelin Perez

Amanda Velando

  • Instagram: @amandavelando
  • Followers: 18.3 thousand
  • Occupation: Instagram model

Sometimes, you should not expect anything extraordinary or super special. It is like looking for a revolutionary idea in something that is already good enough. We use social networks and platforms to have some fun, enjoy those great-looking pics, see beautiful people and places, etc. So, if you are looking for sexy Cuban women on Instagram, if you want to see amazing photos, we recommend you check out Amanda Velando’s account.

Is she beautiful? Yes, she is! Is she an interesting personality? Yes, she is! Still, Amanda Velando focuses on visual content mostly, and we appreciate this. She is a Cuban, a naturally beautiful Cuban girl, and we think that is enough to follow her!

hot cuban girl Amanda Velando
hot cuban woman Amanda Velando
sexy cuban girl Amanda Velando
sexy cuban woman Amanda Velando
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