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Is mail order bride all about money?

When you start dating a foreign girl online, sooner or later the question may arise. What is her motivation?

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Does she want me or my status? It is a normal reaction as everybody has heard of various cases of scam online. So, why do mail order brides seek for foreign husbands? They have a couple of reasons to do so.

Reason 1. Adventures

Every woman knows that with love life she gets new impressions and adventures. And if your partner lives overseas, these adventures get much greater. Traveling together, moving to another country, having dates in special places. It all comes with an international relationship. It is exciting and unusual. Mail order brides seek for something better than they have seen back at home. And they know that a husband from another country can really turn their world upside down.

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Reason 2. A better life

Nobody can blame women for the desire for a better life. They know that a foreign husband, especially the one who comes from countries like Canada or the US can make their life better. It is not only about his money. It is about common desires, including the cultural background that reflects their being together.

Reason 3. Western generosity

Western men are thought to be generous and kind to their ladies, and mail-order brides are familiar with this fact. Women like to be treated to good things, which makes them want a husband who won’t be greedy. Both money and attention count. You will attract a woman’s attention on the dating site if you describe yourself as a man who likes to share. And if it is about your care and feelings, she’ll like it too.

Reason 4. It is exotic

Not every Latin woman can boast of a husband who comes from a different country. It is unusual and therefore attractive. Again, this reason is a little bit connected to the first one, which means adventure. For mail order brides it is curious to know a man of another culture who can give them a new view of the world.

international family

Reason 5. Western men make good husbands

It is a widespread opinion, supported by ladies from different parts of the world. They like Western men, find them attractive and think that they will be surrounded by all best if they marry someone from the USA or Canada. In fact, it is not so far from the truth, and men from those countries usually do a lot for their families indeed. That’s why mail order brides like to have a husband from overseas.

Are mail order brides truly worth giving a try?

Both men and women have their reasons for meeting their potential partners online. Although people might have some stereotypes regarding such relationships, often, they are built on some misconceptions and generalizations. In reality, mail order brides have been popular since the 20th century. They have been developing each year, turning into a beneficial and helpful business as we can see it nowadays.

Many causes make Latina women seek men online, but the only thing that drives them in their search are feelings. Notably, there are thousands of marriages between local men and mail order brides each year, reaching the number of 17,000 and more in the US. In previous decades, there might have been risks regarding using the Internet to find a lover. However, nowadays, this type of meeting one’s soulmate is trendy.

To sum up, having a mail order bride has numerous advantages. If you’ve always been dreaming about a girl from Nicaragua or Peru, no borders will stop you from being together. Moreover, a man has more options as he doesn’t have to travel to other countries to meet ladies of different nationalities. They’re all on his computer, waiting to find love and share the most precious moments together!

To conclude

Not every woman you meet online is focused on your money and how she can benefit from the communication with you. Mail order brides have other motivation to look for a foreign husband. They are just people, and they can be sincere in their desires for love and attention too.

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